Octavius Winslow on True Religion

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“The religion of the Lord Jesus is valuable only as its power is experienced in the heart. In this respect, and in this only, it may be compared to the physical sciences, which, however ingenious in structure, or beautiful in theory; yet if not reduced or reducible to purposes of practical use, are of little worth. It is so with the truth of Jesus. The man of mere taste may applaud its external beauty—the philosopher may admire its ethics, the oratorits eloquence, and the poet its sublimity, but if the Spirit of God take not his own truth and impress it upon the heart, as to the great design of its revelation, it avails nothing. What numbers there are who rest in the mere theory of Christianity. As a practical principle they know nothing of it. Asa thing experienced in the heart, it is a hidden mystery to them.”

Octavius Winslow


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