Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Natural Man

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"There is nothing the natural man hates more than to be told that he is a sinner, and that his nature is twisted and perverted."

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

J.C. Philpot on Desiring Christ

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“There can be no earnest desire to know Christ, nor any holy panting after a spiritual revelation of Him—while the heart is pursuing worldly objects. But he who is spiritually taught is at times panting with holy longing and intense desires to know Jesus—that He would come down in His heavenly power, in all His sweetness and suitability—and take up His abode in his soul, conforming it to His own image and likeness.”

J.C. Philpot

Francis Schaeffer on Education

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“Today we have a weakness in our education process in failing to understand the natural associations between the disciplines.  We tend to study all our disciplines in unrelated parallel lines.  This tends to be true in both Christian and secular education.  This is one of the reasons why evangelical Christians have been taken by surprise at the tremendous shift that has come in our generation.”

Francis Schaeffer

Abraham Kuyper on Care for Others

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“Where our Father in heaven wills with divine generosity that an abundance of food grows from the ground, we are without excuse if, through our fault, this rich bounty is divided so unequally that one is surfeited with bread while another goes with an empty stomach to his pallet, and sometimes must even go without a pallet.”

Abraham Kuyper

Herman Bavinck on the Scriptures

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“In the Scriptures God daily comes to his people, not from afar but nearby. In it he reveals himself, from day to day, to believers in the fullness of his truth and grace. Through it he works his miracles of compassion and faithfulness. Scripture is the ongoing rapport between heaven and earth, between Christ and his church, between God and his children. It does not just tie us to the past; it binds us to the living Lord in the heavens. It is the living voice of God.”
Herman Bavinck

G.K. Chesterton on Dogmatists

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“There are two kinds of people in the world, the conscious dogmatists and the unconscious dogmatists. I have always found myself that the unconscious dogmatists were by far the most dogmatic.”

G.K. Chesterton

J. Gresham Machen on False Ideas

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“False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel. We may preach with all the fervor of a reformer and yet succeed only in winning a straggler here and there, if we permit the whole collective thought of the nation or of the world to be controlled by ideas which, by the resistless force of logic, prevent Christianity from being regarded as anything more than a harmless delusion. Under such circumstances, what God desires us to do is to destroy the obstacle at its root.”

J. Gresham Machen

J.C. Philpot on Practical Atheists

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“We profess to believe in an All-mighty, All-present, All-seeing God. But we would be highly offended if a person said to us, "You to know that God can do everything. And yet we are always cutting out schemes, and carving out contrivances, as though He were like the gods of the heathen, looking on and taking no notice. We profess to believe that God is everywhere present to relieve every difficulty and bring His people out of every trial. And yet when we get into the difficulty and into the trial—we speak, think, and act, as though there were no such omnipresent God, who knows the circumstances of our case, and can stretch forth His hand to bring us out of it.”

J.C. Philpot

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on The Spirit and Theology

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“To ‘mind the things of the Spirit’ does not mean an interest even in theology as an end in itself, for a man can be interested in theology and Christian doctrine and yet not `mind the things of the Spirit.' A man can take up theology as a subject. Many have done so, and have made a career of it. They have enjoyed it, have been expert in it; but it may have nothing at all to do with `the things of the Spirit'; indeed, again, it may be extremely hostile to them. In other words, it is possible for a man with his natural mind to grasp a theological system in an intellectual way only. That may be of no spiritual value to him at all; it can even be the cause of his damnation. A man can approach Christianity as an intellectual system, as a philosophy; and if he has a certain type of mind he can be greatly interested in it. I have known men of whom that is true. Theology was their hobby, the subject they enjoyed reading. As other men have their various hobbies and pursuits, this happened to be theirs; and it can be one of the most fascinating intellectual pursuits that a man can take up. But a man can be interested and immersed in it, and spend his life at it, and yet remain spiritually dead. Now, of course, as I am about to show, the man who `minds the things of the Spirit' in the right way is obviously interested in theology and doctrine and in religion. All I am saying at the moment is that a mere interest in religious pursuits does not establish the fact that we are `minding' the things of the Spirit.”
Martyn Lloyd-Jones

(from: Exposition of Chapter 8:5-17 The Sons of God  Chapter Two)

George Whitefield on Preaching in the Church

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“Mere heathen morality, and not Jesus Christ, is preached in most of our churches.”

George Whitefield

William Law on the Christianity

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“Christianity does not consist in any partial amendment of our lives, any particular moral virtues, but in an entire change of our natural temper, a life wholly devoted to God.”

William Law

Thomas Watson on Death

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“Death begins a wicked man's hell, but it puts an end to a godly man’s hell.”

Thoms Watson

John Abbott on Raising Children

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“Cultivate in your children a taste for pure and noble pleasures—instead of a love of worldly gaiety. Pure and noble pleasures last. They wear well. They leave no sting behind. The pleasures of worldliness and gaiety do not wear well. They exhaust the powers of body and mind, and all the capacities of enjoyment, prematurely—and leave a sting behind. That is the reason why the Word of God condemns them—and why Christians abstain from them.”

John Abbott

A.W. Pink on Reading the Bible

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“The Bible is a book which calls not so much for the exertion of our intellect as it does for the exercise of our affections, conscience and will. God has given it to us not for our entertainment but for our education, to make known what He requires from us. It is to be the traveler’s guide as he journeys through the maze of this world, the mariner’s chart as he sails the sea of life. Therefore, whenever we open the Bible, the all-important consideration for each of us to keep before him is, What is there here for me today? What bearing does the passage now before me have upon my present case and circumstances—what warning, what encouragement, what information? What instruction is there to direct me in the management of my business, to guide me in the ordering of my domestic and social affairs, to promote a closer walking with God?”

A.W. Pink

G.K. Chesterton on Government

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“All government is an ugly necessity.”

G.K Chesterton

J.R. Miller on Everyday Tasks

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“There is no other way in which one's life will so surely and so quickly become transfigured — as in the faithful, happy, cheerful doing of everyday tasks. We need to remember that this world is not so much a place for doing things — as for making character. Household life is not primarily a sphere for good cooking, tidy keeping of things, thorough sweeping and dusting, careful nursing and training of children, hospitable entertainment of friends, and the thousand things that must be done each day. Home is a sphere for transforming souls into radiant beauty. But we must take heed always that we do our tasks, whatever they are, with love. Doing any kind of work unwillingly, fretfully, with complaint and murmuring, hurts the life.”

J.R. Miller

J.R. Miller on Living the Christian Lifle

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“We have only successfully acquired the art of living a Christian life—when we have learned to apply the principles of true religion, and enjoy its help and comfort in our daily life.”

J.R. Miller

J.R. Miller on Criticism

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“The world is not always friendly to us. It is not disposed always to pat us on the back, or to pet and praise us. One of the first things a young man learns, when he pushes out from his own home, where everybody dotes on him—is that he must submit to criticism and opposition. Not all he does receives commendation. But this very condition is healthful. Our growth is much more wholesome in such an atmosphere, than where we have only adulation and praise.”
J.R. Miller
(Getting Help From Criticism)

J.R. Miller on the Christian Wife

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“But it should be understood, that for every wife the first duty is the making and keeping of her own home! Her first and best work should be done there—and until it is well done—she has no right to go outside to take up other duties. She is to be a "worker at home!" She must look upon her home as the one spot on earth, for which she alone is responsible, and which she must cultivate well for God—even if she never does anything outside. For her the Father's business is not attending benevolent societies, and missionary meetings, and mothers' meetings, and bible conventions, or even teaching a Sunday-school class—until she has made her own home all that her wisest thought and best skill can make it!”
J.R. Miller
(The Christian Wife)

J.R. Miller on True Religion

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“True religion is intensely practical. Only so far as it dominates one's life—is it real. We must get the commandments out of God's Word—and give them a place in the hard, dusty paths of our earthly toil and struggle. We must get them off the tables of stone—and have them written on the walls of our own hearts! We must bring the Golden Rule—into our daily, actual life. 

We are too apt to imagine, that holiness consists in mere good feeling toward God. It does not! It consists in obedience in heart and life to the divine requirements. To be holy is, first, to be set apart for God and devoted to God's service, and it necessarily follows that we must live for God. 

Our hands are God's—and can fitly be used only in doing His work; our feet are God's—and may be employed only in walking in His ways and running His errands; our lips are God's—and should speak words only that honor Him and bless others; our hearts are God's—and must not be profaned by thoughts and affections that are not pure.

True holiness is no vague sentiment—it is intensely practical. It is nothing less than the bringing of every thought and feeling and act—into obedience to Christ! We are quite in danger of leaving out the element of obedience, in our conception of Christian living. If we do this, our religion loses its strength and grandeur—and becomes weak, nerveless and forceless. 

Our religion must touch every part of our life—and transform it all into the beauty of holiness.”

J.R. Miller