G.K. Chesterton on Those Who Hate Christianity

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“There are those who hate Christianity and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions.”

G.K. Chesterton

James Smith on the Grace of God

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“The grace of God provides all that the believer needs, and is sufficient for every circumstance that we will ever face in life. Human strength will fail — but divine grace cannot. Grace has made us what we are in the Christian life; and grace will continue to make us what God wants us to be, as He works in our lives.”

James Smith

A.W. Pink on the "god" of Today

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“The "god" of this twentieth century no more resembles the Supreme Sovereign of Holy Writ than does the dim flickering of a candle the glory of the mid-day sun. The god who is now talked about in the average pulpit, spoken of in the ordinary Sunday School, mentioned in most of the religious literature of the day, and preached in most of the so-called Bible conferences is a figment of human imagination, an invention of over-emotional sentimentality.”

A.W. Pink

Thomas a’Kempis on Flattery

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“Grant me prudently to avoid him that flatters me, and to endure patiently him that contradicts me.”

Thomas a’Kempis

J.C. Philpot on God's Sovereignty

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“Jehovah does not move in a line chalked out by a worm!”

J.C. Philpot

A.W Tozer on Sanctification

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"We must hide our unholiness in the wounds of Christ as Moses hid himself in the cleft of the rock while the glory of God passed by. We must take refuge from God in God.  Above all we must believe that God sees us perfect in His Son while He disciplines and chastens and purges us that we may be partakers of His holiness"

A.W Tozer

Greg Bahnsen on Faith

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“Faith in the self-attesting Christ of Scripture is the beginning, not the end result of wisdom.” 

Greg Bahnsen

G.K Chesterton on Progress

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“Progress should mean that we are always changing the world to fit the vision, instead we are always changing the vision.”

G.K Chesterton

Charles Wesley on Earthquakes

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“”Come and see the works of the Lord — the desolations He has brought on the earth!" Psalm 46:8

Of all the judgments which the righteous God inflicts on sinners here in this world — the most dreadful and destructive is an earthquake. This He has lately brought on our part of the earth, and thereby alarmed our fears, and bid us to "prepare to meet our God!" 

Earthquakes are the works of the Lord, and He alone brings this destruction upon the earth. That God is Himself the Author of earthquakes, and sin the moral cause of earthquakes, (whatever the natural cause may be,) cannot be denied by any who believe the Scriptures. Earthquakes are set forth by the inspired writers — as God's proper judicial act for the punishment of sin.”

Charles Wesley

John Fawcett on Ones Thoughts

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“It is much to be lamented—that those who profess a sincere attachment to the Redeemer, should have their thoughts so little employed about Him. Where a multitude of worldly cares, desires, fears and hopes prevail in the mind—they cumber and perplex it—so as to bring on a great disinclination to spiritual meditation.”

John Fawcett

A.W. Pink on Submission to God

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“Christian submission is, therefore, a twofold thing; or rather, it has respect to two aspects of our duty and has to do with two different relationships which God sustains to us—as our King and our Provider.

The first aspect of submission is to take the Divine yoke upon us, to be in subjection to the Divine authority, to have all our ways regulated by the Divine statutes.

The second aspect of submission is to receive as from God's hand, whatever comes to me in a providential way, with the recognition of His absolute right to take the same away—when He deems that will be most for His glory and my good.”
A.W. Pink

J.R. Miller on Amusements

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“How do your amusements influence your spiritual life? They may be very pleasing to you.  They may afford great gratification. But what is their effect on you, as a Christian? Are they hindering your love for Christ, and your growth in grace? We ought to be honest enough with ourselves, to answer these questions truthfully, and then act accordingly.”

J.R. Miller

A.W. Pink on the Road to Destruction

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“”For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat." In those words our Lord advanced a reason or argument to enforce His previous exhortation. There is another gate than the "strait" one, altogether different therefrom, for it is "wide" and gives entrance into a broad way, but it leads to the bottomless pit. It is "the course of this world" (Eph. 2:2), in which all its unregenerate citizens are found. It is the path of self-will and self-gratification. It is "wide" because those in it own no restrictions. They have broken down the commandments of God which were designed to be a hedge about them. It is therefore a pleasant and easy way to the flesh, for no inquiry or diligent search has to be made in order to find it, no resolution and perseverance are called for in order to continue treading it, no self-denial has to be practiced to remain therein. A dead fish can float with the stream, but only a living one can swim against it: so the unregenerate mechanically follow this road, for there is nothing in them to resist the law of gravity. The going is smooth and easy because it is all downhill!

It is a crowded road, for "many there be which go in thereat." It is the very width of it which renders it so attractive to the carnal mind. Here there are no "quota" limitations, no barring of "aliens," no restrictions of color, caste or creed. There is plenty of room for all. Men may walk in the ways of their hearts and in the sight of their eyes, give rein to their lusts and full indulgence to their inclinations, and none shall hinder them. This broad road is thronged because all mankind are in it by nature, birth admitting them into the same; nor has anyone the slightest desire to desert it unless a miracle of grace be wrought upon him. Like Lot and his wife in Sodom every last one of us is so loath to leave the city of destruction that the Christian too had preferred to remain there and perish, unless the Lord had sent His messengers to "pluck" him as a brand from the burning. "Woe to the multitude of many people" (Isa. 17:12) says God to this densely packed road.

It is a deceptive road, for few upon it have any idea of whither it is taking them. Those upon it believe they are following the wise course, for they regard as fools those who differ from them. We are only young once, life is short, let us have a gay time while it lasts; let us eat, drink and be merry seems to them the very dictates of common sense. Ah, it is "the way which seemeth rightunto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" (Prov. 14:12). So sure are its travelers they are right that they conclude anyone is afflicted with "religious mania" who prefers the narrow way. Yet it is a fatal road, for it "leadeth to destruction," hopeless and eternal destruction. It conducts to the bottomless pit, the unquenchable fire, and the undying worm. It is the way of the ungodly, and Scripture expressly declares that "the way of the ungodly shall perish" (Ps. 1:6). And, my reader, that fatal way can only be abandoned by conversion, by a radical right about face, by turning from sin and self-pleasing and turning unto God and holy living.”

A.W. Pink

John Angell James on Piety

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“Our idea of the nature of earnest individual piety, must be taken, not from the conventional standard of the age, but from the Word of God. It is of immense importance to bear this in recollection, and to admit its truth. It must be so, whether we admit it or no. Once give up the Bible as the only true standard of personal religion, and there is no rule left but custom, which is ever varying with the opinions and corruptions of the times. On this principle, all but the very lowest stages of general apostasy might be justified, for even they were the conventional notions of their day. No, the Bible, the Bible alone, is the religion of Christians. "To the law and to the testimony; if they speak not, and act not, according to them, it is because there is no light in them." Yet how prevalent is the disposition to conform ourselves to the prevailing religion of the day and of the church to which we belong, and to satisfy ourselves with the average measure of piety around us. "I am as good as my neighbours," is the shield with which many a man repels the charge of deficiency. "I am as good as my fellow-members," is the self-same shield with which many a professor of religion wards off the allegation of his being below his duty. The very same conventionalism which ruins the world, corrupts the church. That which keeps down the standard of morality in the one, depresses the standard of piety in the other. This has been the fatal practical error of the church through every age of its existence, and by which its beauty has been disfigured, its power weakened, and its usefulness impeded: its members, instead of looking into the perfect law of Scripture, and seeing themselves reflected from that faithful mirror, and adjusting their character and conduct by its infallible revelations, have placed before themselves the glass of the Christian profession as it was found in the church of the day, and have regulated their behaviour by what they saw in the prevailing character of their fellow-Christians.”

John Angell James

Thomas Brooks on the Heaven

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“Such is the splendor, the brightness, the glory, the happiness, and blessedness that are reserved for the saints in Heaven--that had I all the tongues of men on earth, and all the excellencies of the angels in Heaven--yet I would not be able to conceive nor to express that vision of glory to you! That glory is inconceivable and inexpressible!

It is best to be hastening there, that we may feel and enjoy that which we shall never be able to declare! All the troubles, afflictions, and sorrows of this life, in comparison with eternal happiness and blessedness--are to be considered as nothing. They are but as the point of a pin--compared to the starry heavens! "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us!" Romans 8:18”

Thomas Brooks

Charles Spurgeon on Adversity

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“God is chiseling you--and you are but a rough block. He is making you into the image of Christ--and that sharp chisel is taking away much which prevents your being like Him.”

Charles Spurgeon

George Whitefield on Trials

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“God Almighty knows that we are often purged more in one hour by a good sound trial--than by a thousand manifestations of His love. It is a fine thing to come purified, to come pardoned out of the furnace of affliction. The furnace is intended to purge us to separate the precious from the vile, the chaff from the wheat. And God, in order to do this, is pleased to put us into one fire after another.”

George Whitefield

A.W. Pink on Turning to Christ

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“A preacher may induce a man to believe what Scripture says about his lost and undone condition, persuade him to "bow to" the Divine verdict, and then "accept Christ as his personal Savior." No man wants to go to Hell, and if he is assured that Christ stands ready as a fire-escape, on the sole condition that he jump into His arms ("rests on His finished work"), thousands will do so!

But a hundred preachers are unable to make an unregenerate person realize the unspeakably dreadful nature of sin, make him feel that he has been a lifelong rebel against God, and so change his heart that he now hates his sin, and longs to please God, and serve Christ. Only God the Spirit can bring any man to the place where he is willing to forsake every idol, cut off a hindering right hand, or pluck out an offending right eye! Ah, a miracle of grace has been wrought when we give up ourselves to the Lord (2 Corinthians 8:5) to be ruled by Him.”

A.W. Pink

J.R. Miller on Temptation

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“Some of Christ's followers have thought that the best way to live a holy life, was to flee from the companionship of men. But one does not get away from temptation, by being alone. We carry in our hearts, wherever we go, a great nest of evil things.”

J.R. Miller

Thomas Brooks of Earthly Riches

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“Earthly riches are called thorns, and well they may; for as thorns, they pierce both head and heart. They pierce the head with cares in getting them--and the heart with grief in parting with them.”
Thomas Brooks

G.K. Chesterton on Love

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“The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.”

G.K Chesterton