Charles Spurgeon on Needing Christ

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“My dear friends, I have already said that no man will believe in Jesus, unless he feels his need of Him. I have often said, and I repeat it again, that I do not come to Christ pleading that I feel my need of Him. My reason for believing in Christ is not that I feel my need of Him, but that I have a need of Him. The ground on which a man comes to Jesus is not as a sensible sinner, but as a sinner, and nothing but a sinner. He will not come unless he is awakened; but when he comes, he does not say, “Lord, I come to thee because I am an awakened sinner. Save me.” But he says, “Lord, I am a sinner; save me.” Not his awakening, but his sinnership is the method and plan upon which he dares to come.”

Charles Spurgeon


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