J.R. Miller on Faith and Love

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“The first effect of faith in Christ is the springing up of love in the heart of him who believes. This love does not lie hidden, but is revealed in the life.It shows itself in love for God; but there is no love for God which does not also make the heart warm toward man. He that loveth not his brother, whom he hath seen, cannot love God, whom he hath not seen. And this love is not a mere beautiful sentiment, glowing like a radiant vision in the soul, but fading the moment we meet our brothers in actual life; it is a love that becomes the very mainspring of all action, the burning heart of all ambition. It is a love that makes us pitiful toward all human sorrow, gentle toward human infirmity, helpful toward human need, patient under human unkindness and injury, and ready at every call to do and suffer and sacrifice.”

J.R. Miller


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