Edward Payson on Doing All to the Glory of God

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"Christ commands us, whether we eat or drink, or whatever we do, to do all to the glory of God. Perhaps some will ask, How is this possible? We cannot be always thinking of God: we must attend to our business, provide for our own wants and those of our families. True: but look at a man about to send a ship to a foreign port. As he purchases his cargo, and makes the requisite preparations, he considers what articles are most suited to the market; what provisions most necessary for the voyage; how the ship is to be rigged and manned; in short, all his plans are laid with reference to the end of the voyage. So the Christian, though not always thinking of heaven, should take care that all his business and all his pleasures may forward his journey thither, and promote his great object of preparation for that abode of blessedness."

Edward Payson


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