Thomas Watson on the Love of God

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“Oh, the unfathomable depth of God’s love! You who are the branches of this Vine, let me beseech you: love the Vine that bears you. Kiss and embrace Christ.  Let your souls sound forth hallelujahs to the whole Trinity. Admire God the Father in sending a Vine from heaven. Admire God the Son Who was a bleeding Vine for you. Admire God the Holy Ghost Who hath by His mighty power implanted you into this Vine. Turn all your sullen discontents into triumphant songs! You are now made living branches, who were once dead; holy branches, who were once unclean. You now bear grapes, who did once bring forth thistles. Oh, make melody in your hearts to the Lord! Admire and celebrate free grace. It is well that there is an eternity coming, and that will be little enough to praise God.”
Thomas Watson


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