A.W. Pink on Self-Denial

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“There is a vast difference, brethren and sisters, between denying self and so-called self-denial. The popular idea that obtains both in the world and among Christians is that of giving up things that we like. There is a great diversity of opinion as to what should be given up. There are some who would restrict it to that which is characteristically worldly, such as theater going, dancing, and the racecourse. There are others who would restrict it to a certain season when amusements and other things that are followed during the remainder of the year are rigidly eschewed at that time.

But such methods as those only foster spiritual pride: “Surely I deserve some credit if I give up so much.” My friends, what Christ speaks of in our text (and O may the Spirit of God apply it to our souls this morning) as the first step toward following Him is the denial of self itself, not simply some of the things that are pleasing to self. Not some of the things after which self hankers, but the denying of self itself.”

A.W. Pink


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