A.W. Pink on Honoring Parents

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“Failure to honor father and mother, wherever it is found, is in large measure due to parental departure from the Scriptural pattern.  Nowadays the father thinks that he has fulfilled his obligations by providing food and raiment for his children, and by acting occasionally as a kind of moral policeman.  Too often, the mother is content to be a domestic drudge, making herself the slave of her children instead of training them to be useful.  She performs many a task that her daughters should do in order to allow them freedom for the frivolities of a giddy set.  The consequence has been that the home, which ought to be— for its orderliness, its sanctity, and its reign of love—a miniature heaven on earth, has degenerated into “a filling station for the day and a parking place for the night,” as someone has tersely expressed it.”

A.W. Pink


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