Walter Purton on Trials

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“The promise of God is, that His saints shall be as the stones of a crown: yea, shall shine in the Royal diadem! The Lord vouchsafes to call them His jewels!

"What a price has been paid for the saints! The Son of God purchased them with His own blood! Are they not valuable in His sight? How precious are they whom Jehovah calls His jewels! Bought with what a price!

But the saints are likened unto jewels also because our souls need cleansing. A diamond seems a mere pebble before the jeweler's hands give shape and smoothness: skill and patient toil so transform it, that every one takes pleasure it its beauty and brightness. Likewise is it with our souls. Divine grace removes defects, and beautifies: the sharp edge of pain, directed by the hand of Infinite Love, makes perfect. No longer rough and unsightly, but beautiful and glorious, the precious workmanship of God becomes His delight; it is made fit for the Royal diadem, in which it will shine throughout eternity,—reflecting all-gloriously the majesty of the King of Kings.”

Walter Purton


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