A.W. Pink on The Bible and God

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"Our limitations and our ignorance reveal our need.  Man is in darkness concerning God.  Blot the Bible out of existence and what should we know about His character, His moral attributes, His attitude toward us, or His demands upon us?  As we have seen, nature is but an imperfect medium for revealing God.  The ancients had the same nature before them as we have, but what did they discover of His character?  Unto what knowledge of the one true God did they attain?  The seventeenth chapter of the Acts answers that question.  When the Apostle Paul was in the famous city of Athens, famous for its learning and philosophical culture, he discovered an altar, on which were inscribed the words, “To the unknown God”.  The same condition prevails today.  Visit those lands which have not been illumined by the light of the Holy Scriptures and it will be found that their peoples know no more about the character of the living God than did the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians”

A.W. Pink


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