Jospeh Alleine on Wrong Motives in Holy Duties

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“This was the bane of the Pharisees. Oh how many a poor soul is undone by this, and drops into hell before he discerns his mistake! He performs his `good duties' and so thinks all is well, but does not perceive that he is actuated by carnal motives all the while. It is too true that even with the really sanctified many carnal ends will often creep in; but they are the matter of their hatred and humiliation, and never come to be habitually prevalent with them, and bear the greatest sway. But when the main thing that ordinarily moves a man to religious duties is some carnal end - as to satisfy his conscience, to get the reputation of being religious, to be seen of men, to show his own gifts and talents, to avoid the reproach of being a profane and irreligious person, or the like - this reveals an unsound heart. Oh Christians, if you would avoid self-deceit, see that you mind not only your actions but your motives. ”
Jospeh Alleine
(A Sure Guide to Heaven - pg 74)


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