Thomas Manton on Christianity

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“Christianity, of all religions, is the meekest and most humble.  It is founded upon the blood of Christ, who is a Lamb slain.  It is consigned and sealed by the Spirit of Christ, who descended like a dove. Both are emblems of a meek and modest humility.  And should a meek religion be defended by our violences, and the God of peace served with wrathful affections, and the madness of an evil nature bewray itself in the best cause? Christ’s warfare needeth not such carnal weapons; as Achish said, ‘Have I need of mad men?’ 1 Sam. 21:15.  So, hath Jesus Christ need of our passions and furies?  Doth the God of heaven need  a tongue set on fire of hell? James 3:6.”

Thomas Manton


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