John Taylor on the Pleasures of Agriculture

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"The capacity of agriculture for affording luxuries to the body, is not less conspicuous than its capacity for affording luxuries to the mind;  it being a science singularly possessing the double qualities of feeding with unbounded liberality, both the moral appetites of the one and the physical wants of the other.  It can even feed a morbid love of money, whilst it is habituating us to the practice of virtue; and whilst it provides for the wants of the philosopher, it affords him ample room for the most curious yet useful researches.  In short, by the exercise it gives both to the body and to the mind, it secures health and vigor to both; and by combining a thorough knowledge of the real affairs of life, with a necessity for investigating the arcana of nature, and the strongest invitations to the practice of morality, it becomes the best architect of a complete man."
John Taylor
(Arator: Essay 59)


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