J.C. Ryle on God's Providential Hand

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"Nothing whatever, whether great or small, can happen to a believer, without God's ordering and permission.

The providential government of God over everything in this world is a truth of which the Greek and Roman philosophers had no conception. It is a truth which is specially revealed to us in the Word of God.  Just as the telescope and microscope show us that there is order and design in all the works of God's hand, from the greatest planet down to the least insect, so does the Bible teach us that there is wisdom, order, and design in all the events of our daily life.  There is no such thing as "chance," "luck," or " accident" in the Christian's journey through this world.  All is arranged and appointed by God.  And all things are "working together " for the believer's good. (Rom. viii. 28.)"

J.C. Ryle


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