J.C. Philpot on the Providence of God

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"But again, as all persons are subject unto his authority, so all THINGS are equally subject to his almighty power. There may be circumstances in your earthly lot which at this moment are peculiarly trying. You look round and wonder how this or that circumstance will terminate. At present it looks very dark; clouds and mists hang over it, and you fear lest these clouds may break, not in showers upon your head, as Cowper speaks in his hymn, but burst forth in the lightning flash and the thunder stroke. But all things, and if all things then this circumstance also that fills your mind with apprehension, are put in subjection under Christ's feet. The thing cannot take place except by his sovereign will, nor can it move any further except by his supreme disposal. Then make yourself quiet; he will not allow you to be harmed. It shall only execute his sovereign purposes, and it shall be among those all things which, according to his promise, shall work together for your good."

J.C. Philpot


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